Automotive Data Platform
The resource of big data generated by vehicles and road infrastructure
AUTODATA: New opportunities for business, government, and individuals
The AUTODATA Platform enables the formation of high-quality data array in the automotive and transportation sector, creating markets for new services in traffic management, improving the quality of car ownership and legalizing the data circulation market.
The car generates up to 4 TB of data every day. This data belongs to the owner of the car. The AUTODATA Platform will allow Russian motorists to reduce the cost of car ownership by providing paid access to this data to companies interested in developing new user services based on compliance with personal data protection, trade secrets protection, cybersecurity principles and non-discriminatory access to information.
4 Тb
of data is generated daily by a modern vehicle
AUTODATA is a catalyst for the development of "smart" traffic control systems
AUTODATASPACE Company is the operator of the AUTODATA Platform
We are working to create a catalyst for new technologies, foundation for "data driven business", fostering high-tech economy and new quality of life. The AUTODATA Platform will provide car owners, businesses and the government with the tools to solve social problems, improve the quality and convenience of vehicle ownership, create new services and develop existing ones.
Vladimir Leonov
General Director of "AUTODATASPACE" LLC
The company's goal is to build a "data lake" and provide services for non-discriminatory data access based on ensuring the protection of personal data of vehicle owners and trade secrets of data administrators. The operator will create the Platform software and launch products and services on the market based on "big" automotive data.
Vehicle owners
The Platform “Autodata” is a Russian navigation and telematics service platform that provides data collection from information systems for various purposes related to wheeled vehicles, road infrastructure, and other information in the automotive sector, including those related to the logistics of people and things, processing and enriching the collected data, generating statistics and analytics, providing services and products to a wide range of consumers.

The project of the national telematics service platform "Autodata" is implemented in accordance with:
- Article 1 of the list of Instructions of the President of the Russian Federation following the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the autonomous non-profit organization "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects" on December 8, 2016, dated January 14, 2017, No. Pr-77 of January 14, 2017 and Article 1 of the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated January 25, 2017, No. AD-P9-340 on proposals for the creation of a Russian service information and telematics platform and its introduction into serial models of automobile manufacturers selling passenger cars in the Russian Federation.

- Instructions of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 25, 2019 No. Pr-2199, article 1d and in accordance with the instruction dated February 13, 2020 No. AB-P9-849

The Platform “Autodata” is being implemented in order to form a globally unique array of big data in the automotive sector and to ensure equal competitive conditions in the automotive market and the interaction of automotive platforms with external digital road infrastructure. Using this resource, domestic companies will be able to create products and services competitive on the world market, applications for road transport users, for urban operators of intelligent transport systems, road services, insurance, leasing and logistics companies, and other users whose quality will be significantly higher than competing foreign solutions.

Vehicle owners
Usage, collection and processing of automotive data only with the informed consent of the vehicle owner;

Creation of a tool for vehicle owners to sell the data generated by the car;

Protection against fraudulent and other illegal actions, ensuring transparency of used cars transactions

Improving the quality and comfort of life, the emergence of new user services
Creation of a new data circulation market, which will involve millions of vehicle owners

Legalization of collection and processing of automotive data by automakers;

The emergence of a unique information resource of big automotive data, "raw data" for the development of new products;

Increasing the competitiveness of domestic technological solutions

Ensuring environmental safety, road safety, development of road infrastructure;

Up-to-date statistics and analytics data, through the collection of high-quality information from vehicles and road facilities;

Creation of domestic technological cross-platform solutions

Infrastructure projects
The owner of the information manages his data
The use of the AUTODATA Platform during the life cycle can save up to
Sales / Car sales
Vehicle inspection
Autodata Platform
Consortium "AVTODATA.RUS" was established on 30th September 2019, in order to implement the AUTODATA Platform. Currently, there are 115 organizations in the Consortium, including federal executive authorities, state corporations and state companies, subjects of the Russian Federation, industry associations, automakers, manufacturers of automotive components, consumers of transport services, development institutes, the research community, developers of data-driven products and services.
the Consortium
The Intersectoral International Project
Intersectoral development of the Platform
Participants of Consortium